Evan Ross Shares ‘ATL 2’ Pics

For all of you ATL fans, this one is for you!

Since the release of the 2006 film, lovers of the flick have been advocating for a part two. Cast members including T.I. are in favor of the idea, too.

While the project hasn’t been officially green-lit, one of the movie’s stars, Evan Ross, gave followers a treat by posting a couple of photos of him and the crew.

That’s right, Ant, Rashad, New New, Esquire, Teddy, Brooklyn and the twins all gathered for a couple of picture perfect moments.

Take a look below, and keep your fingers crossed for another adventure in the ATL.


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We are not in the middle of shooting #atl2. I just love this photo. Hopefully we will make a new one soon !

A photo posted by Evan Ross (@realevanross) on