Essence Atkins Preps Us For ‘Girlfriends’ Getaway’

The summer is quickly coming to an end, but there’s still time to squeeze in a last minute trip before it’s too late. Need some help planning your vacation? Check out Garcelle Beauvais, Malinda Williams, Terri J. Vaughn and Essence Atkins in TV One’s Girlfriends’ Getaway, and you may score some tips.

But before you sit down to enjoy the film, which airs Aug. 30 at 8 p.m. ET., learn some tidbits from Atkins about this comedy that adventurously sums of the importance of friendship and love. Be sure to watch the trailer at the end of the post, too.


It’s a mesh of the two movies. The girlfriends are at different stages of their lives in terms of relationships and love. That’s where the comparison to Waiting to Exhale is. That movie had to do with their friendships, and so does this one. As for The Hangover part, oh you’ll see! There’s all kinds of trouble that we get into on vacation (laughs).


I play Lauren. If you had a shark cage and you asked who wants to go inside, Lauren would be that girl. She’s fearless, impetuous and the keeper of all secrets. She’s the least responsible of all of the women, but at the same time, she’s the vault. If you tell her something, no one is going to know. She’s a great friend, but the fact that she’s so impulsive can get her in a little trouble.


We filmed in Trinidad. It was beautiful and amazing. The people and the food was wonderful. We saw rainbows all of the time. It was magical. We felt blessed the entire time we were there. It was the rainy season, but we never got rained down on during shooting, which was kind of crazy.  The weather cooperated. A lot of Trinidad locals also had roles or were part of our background. They were amazing and so friendly. They were helpful, humble and encouraging. It was just a great time.


It’s important to be available to yourself and to your friends – people you can disclose your vulnerability to. It’s really about communication and friendship and love. I love that. It’s very much like that in my life. My girlfriends are my family. They are my chosen family versus my DNA family. It’s important that we not let the distractions and responsibilities of life keep us from that connection. That’s what this movie is all about.


I’ve never gotten in trouble like the girls in the film. I’m too responsible for that (laughs). My girlfriends and I are like-minded. We have great credit scores. We do our laundry. We return our library books. I’m the person that you call when you need to make a decision about something important. I’m not the crazy, dancing-on-the-table- friend…though I have done it. It’s a different evolution in your 40s than it was in your 20s. I’m so okay with that.