Erykah Badu, Bohemian Weed Dealer

It may have been “hard for a pimp” while Erykah Badu was stranded in a Texas airport last week, but for the singer, success is on deck as she joins the cast of “Hands of God,” an Amazon original series.

The dark drama centers on Judge Pernell Harris (Ron Perlman, Sons of Anarchy), “a hard living, law-bending married man” with a high-end call girl as his side piece.

Pernell, who is an obsessed member of the “Hands of God” religious chapel, suffers a mental breakdown and goes on a rugged quest to find the rapist who tore his family apart. With no clear evidence, he begins to rely on visions and messages he believes are from a higher power through his ventilator-bound son.

Just let that all sink in for a moment.

Erykah comes in the picture as “April” a bohemian weed dealer who calls herself the “blend master.” She’s been a faithful dealer and close confidant to Crystal, Pernell’s wife, for a long time. Crystal recruits April to join the “Hand of God” chapel as an informant, keeping her in the loop of Pernell’s actions and growing obsession.

The whirlwind drama is currently shooting in Los Angeles with plans to premiere exclusively on Prime Instant Video in the fall.

This. Sounds. Gooood. Does this pique your interest?