Erica Campbell Replaces Yolanda Adams on Radio

Reality show and music superstar Erica Campbell has assumed the early morning, gospel talk radio time slot left open by the departure of The Yolanda Adams Morning Show.

 Erica Campbell radio show


Campbell’s new program, Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell, is co-hosted by the sexily-scratchy voice of comedian Griff, and features four hours – from 6 to 10 ET-  of uplifting talk intermixed with old and new gospel hits. It’s a lot of work for the star, who is also the First Lady of her husband’s church, a solo artist, and still part of the group Mary Mary with her sister Tina.

But Campbell is all in, and unbothered by people who think she’s “doing too much.”

“We are in a culture where people love to say ‘she doing too much,’” says Campbell, whose packed schedule had her leave home for the last two weeks to prep for the nationally syndicated show, which began last week.  “But God has given me so so much I dare not say ’I need to chill; I want to be at home.’ Where ever God wants me to be? I will go.”

Campbell insists that she did not “take over” Adams’ spot. REACH Media, which broadcasts the show, also has not issued any statements about moving a show from one star to another. However, when you go to the hotlink for Adams’ old show, a website for Campbell’s new show pop up. But that’s strictly business, says the star. In fact, Campbell says she’s she recently performed with Adams in Detroit and the two are friends.

She’s come a long way to this point, she says, mostly by following God and ignoring bad advice.

“[A] teacher told me ‘don’t do gospel, there’s no money in gospel. All the money is in rock and roll,’” Campbell tells JET. “The best advice [I was given] was [after] we were ridiculed, myself and Tina and Donnie McClurkin asked, ‘what are you doing? God has given you a gift for the nation. Don’t apologize for it. Go there and represent Jesus.’’

Sounds like she took that advice.

Mornings with Erica Campbell is available on 38 stations throughout the country, though some notably large markets are missing, including Chicago and Los Angeles. Check the full list here to see if it’s on in your area.