The End of TGT… According to Tyrese

Some voices are just meant to fly solo. That has to be the case with the sensual R&B group TGT.

Comprised of the talented Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank, the male trio was strictly for the grown and sexy. Unfortunately, their rocky group stint has come to an infinite end. And from the looks of it…things didn’t end on a smooth note.

Tyrese, who is currently basking in the success of his Black Rose project, took to Instagram and posted a cryptic message, captured by The Jasmine Brand.


His final message: #ThreeKingsNoMore

Whew… “two snaps” scandalous.

Ginuwine didn’t sit idle. He responded with a few choice words toward his former “brother.” Screen-Shot-2015-12-18-at-8.34.13-AM

Both artists used the post-and-delete method.

Now, from the beginning, the thought of TGT was an amazing idea – physically and sonically. But one can’t dismiss the lack of structure shown with the fellas. It never seemed …well…like a tight package.

Then there were those few performances that had us questioning what was really going on with a few members, like the one below that we included in a round up of worst comeback and side-eye performances.

Not only that, but just imagine the egos. When you have three lead vocalists working back-up, at times, it can get rough. It even came across in some of the trio’s performances where it appeared they were stretching to one-up each other on the vocals.

Nevertheless, the fellas looked mighty well together.