‘Empire’ Under Trademark Attack

Slightly changing Biggie’s lyrics, “Mo Success, Mo’ Problems.,” the phrase is ringing true to Fox’s drama series Empire.

Along with entertainers claiming to have been of interest during the series’ casting call and others who feel Empire’s characters and storylines are ripped from their real-life relations, Lee Daniels and Danny Strong have another dagger thrown at them and this time, a lawsuit is involved.

The show, which attracted 16.7 million viewers during its season finale and received the green light for season two after its first episode, is now being targeted by a record company called, Empire Distribution, Inc. for trademark infringement.

According to THR the company holds ownership over “Empire”, “Empire Distribution”, and “Empire Recordings.”

The company also has a lawyer on deck and sent a list of demands which include Fox paying at least $5 million and casting several of their artists in the hit show, 2.) Fox pay $8 million or 3.)Stop using the word “Empire” altogether.

Fox is not tossing over any funds and has filed a trademark suit seeking a declaration that it has the right to use the show’s title.

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