‘Empire’ Star Jussie Smollett Talks Sexuality

Jussie Smollett was never “in the closet.”

But, maybe that’s only  breaking news for those unfamiliar with his career and his work in the LGBT community before the Empire stardom.

Yes, Jussie’s talent as an actor and musician shines through on the show, hence is newly signed record deal, and yes, in some ways, his art imitates his life.

On a recent “Ellen” appearance, Jussie ended rumors and speculations surrounding his sexuality, addressing the subject freely. So, no, when co-star Malik Yoba allegedly “outed” him in an interview, last week, there, in essence, was no “outing” to speak of.

You can watch Ellen and Jussie’s conversation, below:

As seen in the Empire episode, when “Jamal” came out publicly by changing the lyrics to his father’s earlier hit song to address his adoration for another man, the music continued. The dancing did not come to an abrupt end. In fact, his career bloomed.

The topic of sexuality is slowly shedding its taboo face mask. People want the art, the product. If it’s good, people seek demand.

Good job, Jussie on career, music, love and life!