‘EMPIRE’ Hit with Another Lawsuit

Everybody wants a piece of the “Empire.”

Another lawsuit has landed in the lap of Fox and Empire creator, Lee Daniels. This time, the attack is on the storyline and style of the character “Cookie Lyon.”

Sophia Eggleston, a 53-year-old drug kingpin who served jail time for manslaughter for placing a “hit” on a man, is calling foul on the show’s character arc and portrayal of one of the most popular roles of the hip-hop drama. According to Page Six, Eggleston has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the show with claims that the direction draws huge comparison to her life – all of which was documented in her unpublished memoir, The Hidden Hand.

In the $300 million suit filed with the U.S. District Court in Michigan, Eggleston expresses that she traveled to L.A. and shopped the book to screenwriter Rita Miller, who then, allegedly, told her she would pitch the story to Lee Daniels.

There’s no official word on that discussion. At this time, Lee and creative partner Danny Strong have remained mum on the allegations.

According to Eggleston, she’s not alone in recognizing the connections and alleged inspiration behind the show.

“The whole city’s been telling me Cookie is basically me. Any jury would rule for me — $300 million is a small price for taking my whole life and stealing it,” she told Page Six.

Success clearly can’t come without controversy.