Ellen Cleghorne Making an SNL Return?

SNL_0718_06_Update_2_Queen_Shenequa copy

When Ellen Cleghorne joined the Saturday Night Live cast in 1991, it marked history as she was the second African-American female reoccurring cast member.

A sketch comedy gem with witty and impeccable timing, the creation of ” Queen Shenequa” struck a comical chord as she dished on the latest hip-hop gossip and became one of the most memorable characters of Saturday Night Live history.

And with the big cast reunion in celebration of SNL’s 40 years of delivering sketch comedy live from New York approaching, fans and humorists are anticipating what’s to come and who will be making a return.

As for a visit from Queen Shenequa?

Well, that’s still a bit under wraps. “I don’t have control over that,” Cleghorne tells JET via phone. “I will be at the event. I’m looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to thanking Lorne Michaels and the original cast for creating a space for comedy legacies.”

To take the creativity up a notch, Saturday Night Live will showcase a fusion of the current talent with their alumni cast.

“I’m looking forward to meeting the new cast members black, white, male, female and giving them all a big hug,” Cleghorne expressed.

Catch a throwback clip of “Queen Shenequa” below!

SNL 40 airs Sunday, Feb. 15 on NBC.