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VIDEO: What Would You Do if You Walked in on a Murder?

By//Jessica Paris

Imagine walking into what looks to be a murder in progress. How would you react? Would you help a stranger in need or leave the potential victim to fend for himself? Those are questions posed in a viral Youtube video called “Elevator Murder Experiment,” where two men stage a murder inside of a New York elevator to prank awaiting riders. One actor pretends to strangle the other on the floor while hidden cameras capture the reactions of the witnesses when the doors open. The results of the social experiment range from good samaritans to voyeuristic bystanders.

Watch the reactions for yourself below:

Even though the video is a joke (a pretty cruel one at that), it’s a thought-provoking experiment to say the least. Within just hours it has garnered the attention of thousands and sparked an intriguing conversation about our society. So we throw the question to you; what would you do if you walked in on a murder?