Is Eddie Murphy Returning to Stand Up?

Eddie Murphy

It’s been nearly 30 years since Eddie Murphy hit the stage to try out some new material. Known to many as one of the greatest comedians of all time, Murphy has shied away from stand-up, despite being one of the funniest men in Hollywood.

Instead of working on his routine, Murphy has been making a name for himself on the big screen, starring in a string of hit films like Shrek and Dreamgirls, but no matter how hard Murphy makes fans laugh at cinemas, they still long to see him on stage.

After he refused to tell jokes on Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary special, many figured Murphy would never grab the mic and light up a comedy club or sold-out arena ever again. But after the actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! it looks like there might be some hope.

In an interview promoting his new film Mr. Church, Murphy said he could possibly do stand up once again.

“I might,” Murphy told Kimmel when asked whether or not he’d hit comedy clubs. “I haven’t done it in so long, I’m curious now — so much has changed — what would even come out? I don’t know what I would even be like.”

Last week, Murphy sounded more resolute about his commitment to return to stand up on KPCC’s entertainment show The Frame.

“I will definitely do it again. I want to do one last tour of a stand up thing just to take the whole thing full circle,” Murphy said. “This is my 40th year in show business and I haven’t done stand up since I was 28. I’d like to do it again just because I’m so different and so much has happened in my life. I’m curious to see how that would come out on stage.”

Sounds promising.

While on Kimmel’s show, Murphy also took a few minutes to do a spot-on impression of his friend Tracy Morgan.

Looks like Murphy is more than ready to get back out on stage.