Dwayne Johnson Is the World’s Highest Paid Actor

After making his name in the wrestling ring, Dwayne Johnson seamlessly made the transition to Hollywood. With his good looks, infectious personality, and well, rock-hard body, Johnson has quickly become one of film’s biggest–and most profitable–action stars.

While Samuel L. Jackson has brought in more money at the box office than any actor (he’s been in like every movie ever, so it makes sense), Johnson is now the highest paid actor in the world.

According to Forbes, who keeps track of such things, Johnson raked in $64.5 million, making him the biggest dog in Hollywood this year.

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Johnson attributed his rise to one thing: his extreme work ethic.

“Receiving news like this will always serve as my anchoring reminder to continue to work even harder. We not only want to ’embrace the grind,’ but take the grind to new levels,” he wrote on Instagram.

In addition to staring in Central Intelligence alongside Kevin Hart (who also made the list, earning $87.5 million), Johnson has several other projects in the works, including yet another addition to the billion-dollar Fast & Furious franchise.

Johnson, who regularly writes inspirational messages to his fans, said in addition to outworking everybody in the biz, he’s surrounded with great people.

“Greatness is never achieved alone,” he said. “Surround yourself with hungry, brilliant individuals who not only buy into your philosophy, but who are all willing to work just as hard as you. Power of teamwork.”

Johnson added,”And don’t ever forget where you came from.”

Kudos to the Rock. Hollywood certainly enjoys what he’s been cooking.