Duke Ellington “Treasures” Up for Auction

Duke Ellington is in the league of greats when it comes to jazz musicians and composers. A pianist, songwriter, bandleader and conductor, his 50 year career intertwined with legends such as Charlie “Bird” Parker and Billie Holiday, to name a few.

On May 18th, in his hometown of New York, the National Jazz Museum in Harlem will launch “Forever Ellington”, an auction of the late musician’s personal treasures and a celebration of his influence.

Included in the auction are over 250 items such as original music manuscripts, Duke’s white grand piano, suits, tuxedos and other items from his clothing collection, paintings he created and much more.

The live auction will be hosted by Guernsey’s auction house. Digital bids will also be made available for distant music fans on or

Adding to the event’s significance, the National Jazz Museum in Harlem (58 West 129th Street) is in the heart of the historic community that housed the original Cotton Club where Duke led the Harlem Renaissance.

Get your bids ready!