Donnie Simpson is Back on the Airwaves

I remember chilling in the house on Pembroke street on Detroit’s West Side with my Auntie and not wanting to leave until I watched BET’s Video Soul hosted by Donnie Simpson.

My auntie was in awe of Donnie’s beautiful hazel eyes, I, however, was into the music, specifically the Friday night countdown. Donnie was fine, no doubt! But I remember the show being my introduction to the music Veejay. There was actually a job out there, where you introduced and talked music for two hours?! That was dope and Donnie looked so cool doing it.

At that moment, becoming a Veejay became a secret desire. But now, I have the freedom to write about music, which is dope too!

After a long stint with BET and an expansive nearly 20-year career in media, Donnie took a 5 1/2 year hiatus. Now, the hazel-eyed, smooth voice of radio and TV host has re-emerged with his new show The Donnie Simpson Show on WMMJ Majic 102.3 FM in D.C.

The on-air slot, which has been described as “fresh” and “off the cuff,” debuted on Monday with D.C. native Traci Braxton as co-host.

And that isn’t all.

In partnership with TV One and Donnie Simpson productions, the platforms will work to develop programming that will have Donnie in your homes once again.

Welcome Back, Donnie!

“The Donnie Simpson Show” airs afternoons from 3pm – 7pm on MAJIC 102.3.