Don Cheadle Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Credit: Shutterstock

Don Cheadle is seeking additional funds for his Miles Davis filmMiles Ahead.

The actor launched a campaign on Indiegogo, the world’s largest global crowdfunding platform, to help raise money for the biopic he’s set to star in and direct.

Miles Ahead, which will go into production later this summer, hopes to acquire $325,000 by July 6. Pledgees could receive posters, limited edition Miles Davis artwork, a coffee table book of Miles’ artwork signed by Don Cheadle or set visits and access to screenings.

BiFrost is financing the film and Cheadle is even “putting a big chunk of money” into the budget, but production needs extra money for the principal photography.

“The extra money we hope to raise on Indiegogo will help us recreate the multiple time periods we’re dealing with and with the logistics of incorporating all the music. We are excited to get people talking about the movie early, raise awareness, and set into motion the groundswell of support we hope will continue through to the film’s release,” Cheadle said.

You can donate to the cause by visiting