DMX Still Scheduled to Perform

If you were worried DMX’s recent run-in with the law would interfere with his scheduled performances this weekend, don’t fret. In a statement sent to JET, the rapper’s publicist, Domenick Nati, president of Nati Celebrity Services, made it clear the show must go on.

“DMX’s brief arrest last Friday will not affect his upcoming performances this weekend. The charges were resolved in under and hour and will not disrupt his concert schedule. Fans can still expect him August 2nd in Essington, PA and August 3rd in Modesto, CA,” Nati said via email.

DMX was arrested in South Carolina on Friday and charged with driving under the influence, although his publicist denied the latter.

“Allegations about DMX being arrested for drunk driving are false. He was arrested early this morning but quickly released. X was given a breathalyzer test and easily passed it. He is back at his home in South Carolina and we are continuing our focus on his upcoming album and acting roles,” Nati said on Friday.

According to AP, Greenville County jail officials said the 42-year-old rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was was also charged with not having a driver’s license, but had been released. Simmons was arrested last year in nearby Spartanburg County for suspicion of driving without a license. In that case, he was released after paying a fine.

Simmons was arrested in a Phoenix suburb back in 2011 after a trooper clocked him driving at 102 mph, according to AP. He had recently finished a stint in prison on probation revocation for failing to submit to drug testing and driving without a license.