DMX Celebrates “Rebirth” with Visit to Homeless Shelter

On February 8, 2016, Earl “DMX” Simmons lost his life for four and a half minutes. He was found unconscious in the parking lot of a Yonkers hotel and was rushed to the hospital.

I was devastated…seriously. In my mind, we can’t lose X. And luckily, we didn’t. He survived and a year later, to celebrate his “rebirth”, he spent time visiting with nearly 50 men of the homeless advocacy nonprofit Ready, Willing and Able Philadelphia, reports

RWA Philadelphia’s mission is to break “the cycle of homelessness, addiction and criminal recidivism.” The program offers housing, full-time work and the men must maintain sobriety with the goal of transitioning into independence.

DMX, who is no stranger to a troubling past and run-ins with the law, uses his life and experiences as a way to not only encourage his gift as a rapper, but to encourage and inspire lives that there is something beyond the trials.

“When I speak to people, I look them in their eyes and when I look across the room, I see myself,” he told the room full of men. “Don’t look at this as a place you don’t want to be or need to be.”

DMX has always been a man of message and passion. From the beginning of his career, his albums provided sermon-like interludes that gave insight to his heightened awareness of a higher source.

His appreciation for life is grand and adds to the reasons he is one of the realest and rawest artist out here.

And of course, Dark Man X, didn’t leave the fellas without dropping a few uplifting and spirit hitting bars. Check it out below.

We’re glad you’re still here, X!