Lawsuit: DJ Kool Herc vs. HBO

HBO’s first mistake with approaching DJ Kool Herc to come on as a consultant for the series Vinyl was offering him just $10,000 dollars.

We’re talking about the DJ Kool Herc, a pioneering force in hip-hop who introduced the genre to the Bronx! The guy, who in 1973, mounted his radio system in his bedroom window on 1520 Sedgwick Ave. and rocked the block with innovative sounds.

Second mistake? After DJ Kool Herc refused HBO’s offer, the cable network took it upon themselves to go forth with using his image in the series without consultation or consent.

HBO’s alleged actions now has them at the center of a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court by DJ Kool Herc, real name Clive Campbell.

In the suit, the groundbreaking DJ claimed the show stole his “name, reputation and good will.” HBO has since responded to DNAInfo and stated that the contract presented to Kool Herc was not seeking his permission as it was not required because their portrayal of him was not derogatory.

The lawsuit doesn’t specify a dollar amount from HBO and only states that it will be determined at trial.

Vinyl debuted in February and is based on a man trying to revive his record company in the 1970s as the pop music scene evolves from rock to punk to hip hop and other genres.

Disrespecting a legend? No good, HBO.