DJ Envy Blasted for Stop and Frisk Comment

stop and frisk

Monday night’s presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump left a lot of us scratching our heads and asking, “What the hell is happening here?”

It was odd. It was scary. But more importantly, it provided a prime example of why it is imperative that we get out there and vote, and encourage others to do so as well, because literally, our lives depend on it.

While various debates surrounding the presidential candidate exchange continued across social media platforms, one topic caused DJ Envy, one-third of the New York’s The Breakfast Club squad, to get caught in a social debacle over the stop and frisk policy.

During the debate, Trump claimed that the controversial policy brought down murders in NYC from 2,200 to about 500 and had a “very, very big impact.” In addition, he also denied that it was declared unconstitutional. Clinton disputed his statements by telling him to search “Google” to get his facts straight.

Well, here’s the thing with the overall policy: stop and frisk targeted minorities, which put Blacks and Latinos at a higher vantage of being stopped by police for any reason and frisked for a firearm. It also put a lot of possibly innocent individuals in a risky situation.

Additionally, the policy was indeed ruled unconstitutional in New York City.

And this is where DJ Envy’s, who is of Black and Puerto Rican descent, point-of-view on the topic rubbed followers the wrong way. The Breakfast Club Morning crew took the topic to their show where Envy stated the policy “got guns off the streets and that’s all that matters.”

Following the on-air discussion, DJ Envy was the talk of Twitter.

Reactions in 5…4…3…2…

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