Diversity In The Writer’s Room

Diversity is swarming in Hollywood – slowly. And with the idea of inclusion comes attempts of innovation.

Broadcast networks are looking to launch TV Diversity initiatives, where the show’s staff would hire a person of color for one season to contribute to the show’s writing team.

Sounds like a great opportunity, right?

It could very well be. But then again, maybe not.

True, the scribe will gain real-life experience, but the odds of landing a position aren’t set in stone. And what happens when the money dries up?

The Hollywood Reporter discussed this topic in its latest issue and incorporates the voices of “diverse hires” and program directors.

One point of view is being caught in a cycle of programs and moving on “hope” that you’ll become hired.

Another brings up the benefit of staff workers being able to work closely with diverse hires and provide them with top staff consideration.

In all, it’s an interesting idea that could either prove to sail or sink.

Either way, more minority groups (African-Americans, women, multi-cultural individuals) are needed in the writer’s room in order to represent broader perspectives and introduce versatile story lines.

This is not to take away from progress made with Shonda Rhimes’ Thursday night takeover, or the mainstream success of Empire and even Fresh Off The Boat, whose main characters are Asian-Americans – this show is good too!

This is more so to further turn the lens on what’s lacking at the writer’s table.