Diddy’s Revolt TV Is Being Accused Of Reverse Racism –Which Isn’t A Thing

A group of men just filed a lawsuit against Diddy’s Revolt TV claiming that they were treated “worse than other employees who were younger and African-American.”

The men who were all over the age of 39 when they were fired back in 2014 after serving as producers on Revolt’s TV The Breakfast Club, said they were let go and replaced by young, inexperienced Black producers.

Ironically, within the lawsuit, the men claimed that they were told by the show’s production manager Cherisse McKenzie that they, “did not understand the ‘culture’ of the show’s guests and on-air personalities.” It’s very telling that these men admit to not knowing the culture of Revolt TV, which is a multi-genre, multi-platform network that covers Black music and culture. It also seems odd that within the lawsuit the men boasted about having prior experience on The Howard Stern Show.

To be clear there is no such thing as reverse racism, so we should really refrain from using that term. It’s actually impossible for a person of color to be racist against a white person. Why is that? Racism is based on historic systematic oppression and most importantly, power. Reverse racism is not a thing because white people have never been discriminated against based on their skin color. Additionally, it is white people NOT people of color who are beneficiaries of white supremacy and racism. No matter how a person of color feels about a white person, they cannot significantly affect that white person’s ability to access education, get a job, or be charged with a crime. Basically, reverse racism is really just hurt feelings.

Diddy and his lawyers have responded to the men’s allegations with the following statement, “These claims are without merit and have previously been dismissed by the EEOC. Revolt Media and TV, LLC has always been committed to diversity in the workplace and is an equal opportunity employer.”

We’re not sure what will come of this lawsuit, but we highly doubt the men who filed it will get the results they are hoping for.