Dick Gregory on the N-Word

The conversation surrounding the n-word will clearly not disintegrate anytime soon. And with recent reports of Terrence Howard rallying for the word to bring a more authentic feel to Empire in its second season, opinions have risen and another debate ensues. Should the word be used or not? Does it bother the Black community now that a new meaning and power has been given to it?

The latest to chime in on the conversation is the iconic Dick Gregory. Known for his candid comedy and activism, the comedian, who is also a Hollywood Walk of Fame honoree, dished in an interview with WeAllBeTV that the word doesn’t bother him.

And here’s why:

“When I was a little boy and you and your friends go to the movies, and a m-fer walk up to me and say, ‘Come on n—a, we’re in a hurry,’ I said, OK, man let’s go.’

The m-fer called me black. The fight was on…then he told me to kiss his Black a–. Why? Because when I looked in the mirror I knew I was Black, which I didn’t like, but couldn’t see n—-r. That’s why n—-r never bothered us. M-fer called me a billionaire; I can’t see it.”

So, is the n-word all in the way one interprets it regardless of the harsh meaning it held during slavery?

Watch the full interview, below:

Gregory explains that he doesn’t view himself as a n-word so being referenced as such does nothing to his feelings.

Given his context, what are your thoughts on the level of power the n-word elicits today? Share your thoughts in the comments!