Denzel Washington Enters ‘Shondaland’

Denzel Washington wins our attention when it comes to film.

Now, the Oscar-winning actor is switching gears and preparing to sit in the director’s chair for an upcoming episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Washington’s directorial eye will make its TV debut on the ninth episode of the current season. And the pressure is on because it will hit amid November sweeps, so viewers can expect a variety of twists and turns. Plus, it’s Shondaland so you never really know what’s going to happen!

Though this is Denzel’s first TV directorial, he is no stranger to mapping out the action. In 2002, he directed the film Antwone Fisher and in 2007 took on the director’s role in The Great Debaters.

Grey’s is currently in its 12th season and airs Thursdays at 8/7pm cst on ABC.