Deitrick Haddon: ‘Preachers of L.A.’ is Life-Changing

If you checked out our story featuring Deitrick Haddon in last week’s tap-in on our all-new app, you know what message the minister is trying to send. He wants us to realize that religious leaders are just as flawed as the flocks they lead.

While he gave us the inside scoop on season two of Preachers of L.A., we withheld a few gems for an extended post.

Read what Haddon had to say about working with his family, his first impression of the other preachers and what upcoming projects he’s working.


“It’s amazing. It’s life-changing. I think the depth of the show is going to really change people’s lives if they really invest their time into watching the show, because it’s never been done before. The preachers are using their humanity. We always see them having the right things to say at all times and the perfect things to say as preachers. But you see them kind of working through their own challenges. That’s the beautiful thing about this show…You will see my testimony. You will see my life. I commend the rest of the brothers, because they went there. Wayne really let us in on what’s going on with his family. Even Jay, who’s the most reserved guy out of all of us, showed us a side of him with his challenges. That’s going to really compare with people all over, because they’re not the only ones going through it. But what I love about this show is that there is a solution to it all. I’m amped up about it. I’m just as amped up as I was for the first season when everyone was talking about it before the first episode even aired.”


“I’ve known Bishop Noel Jones for years. We’re in the same church organization, Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. I knew Wayne [Chaney]. I met him a few times, but never knew him personally. As for Reverend Ron Gibson, I’ve sang for him. He’s called me down as an artist, but we never really knew each other. I never met Jay [Haizlip] until the show. I’ve always had a respect for Clarence McClendon, but we never had the chance to interact until the show. My impression of them has changed tremendously, because they don’t have to this at all. They can’t pay you enough to put your business out there and have church people talk about you. My respect for all of them has increased.”


“When I told them about the show, they said, ‘oh, there goes Deitrick again’ (laughs). It’s nothing new to them. ‘He’s just coming up with stuff and we’ve never heard of it, but we’re just going to go with it.’ I think it’s fun to work with them. I look back on the footage, and the cameras are just going. The cameras are rolling. It’s reality – the conversations that we have and what each individual thinks. It’s fun, because I have a lot of characters in my family from my mother-in-law to my wife to my mother to my father, Bishop Haddon. They have strong personalities. My family is full of strong people with strong beliefs.”


“First of all, really make sure that it is a calling. You need confirmation. You can’t just say, ‘oh, I want to be a preacher, because it seems like they make money and they have authority and power.’ Being a preacher is not an easy job at all. You got to deal with God and what He wants you to tell people. You have to have a true relationship with God.  That’s number one. Then, you have to be very sensitive to people, super sensitive. You have to put your feelings aside to make sure people are taken care of. Ministry is all about helping people. It’s not about driving Bentleys and having big churches and all of that foolery. Ministry is about helping people and finishing the work that Jesus started. If you’re not finishing the work that Jesus started, your purpose is wrong for being in ministry. If you’re not willing to sacrifice and put your feelings aside, I don’t recommend ministry at all.”


“Right now, I’m just celebrating music freedom. I’ve been on a record label for 11 years. I’m proud to be out of that contract. That’s crazy. I’m doing what I want to do. I’m going to release new music from my record label. You’ll probably see some music on the show and us shooting videos and me doing me. I’m excited about new territory and what will happen now. I don’t know if you will have an album by the end of the year, but you definitely will have singles and videos. I just want to take my time. With gospel music, you usually don’t get a chance to promote the records like you should. That’s why gospel records don’t always do well, because people don’t know that they are out. Folks ask, ‘you got a record out? Oh, we didn’t know!’ Now, I want to change that with my label. I want people to just want it so bad that they can’t wait to get it.”


“I have a brand new show. It’s called Fix My Choir. Michelle Williams and I are hosts on the show, and we’re finding the worst choirs in America. In five days, we’re taking them to another level. The show is crazy. It’s good TV, and it’s going to be on Oxygen this fall. We had so much fun shooting that. I’ve watched a few of the episodes, and you’ll definitely be entertained. You will also be moved by how powerful the choir is and how important it is to the community. You’d be surprised. The whole culture is massive, and nobody has really tapped into it until now.”

Tune in to watch the season premiere of Preachers of L.A. on Wednesday, Aug 20 at 10 p.m. ET on Oxygen.