‘Dear White People’ Series Heads to Netflix

Dear White People was all the buzz when it hit theaters in 2014.

Justin Simien scripted a humorously witty indie-film that touched on race, sexuality, identity and power in a way that made you think while releasing a few chuckles.

The success of the satirical production caught the eye of Netflix, and now the streaming platform has ordered 10 episodes to premiere as a comedy series.

Dear White People, the series, will consist of 30-minute episodes that follow a diverse group of African-American students who navigate life on a predominantly white college campus where racial tensions are high, yet taboo.

“During the film’s release, I had the pleasure to speak with hundreds of students and faculty across a variety of college campuses dealing with these very issues in real time,” Simien said in a release sent to JET. “I’m so grateful to have this platform – not only to give a voice to those too often unheard in our culture, but to also tell great stories from new points of views.”

Simien will pen the script and direct the first episode of the series. The comedy is slated to debut in 2017.