Dayo Okeniyi: The Frugal Hollywood Life

When Dayo Okeniyi graduated from Anderson University he said “bye, bye” Indiana and” hello” to Hollywood.

Even with a degree in graphic design, the then-aspiring actor knew that funds would be tight, so he learned how to finagle on a shoe string budget.

“It’s really about knowing priorities and not spending money you don’t have,” says Okeniyi, whose big break came via the role of Thresh in 2012’s blockbuster, The Hunger Games. “I’m not throwing bands. I’m not making it rain. I’m saving up.”

JET asked the star of Runner Runner (out October 4) for four tips for living on a budget while following your dreams.

Lunch for Less

“I owe a lot to McDonald’s,” he says. “The 99 Cent menu is great for dining on a dollar.”

Cut Up the Credit Cards

“I don’t use credit cards and, if I do, I have to pay it immediately,” he offers. “My dad always says if you don’t have it, you don’t have it.”

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Skimp on the Fancy

“When I moved to LA, the only piece of furniture I had was a mattress,” he recalls, noting he saved his money for essentials, like gas and food.

Invest in Your Future

“I recently purchased a home,” the actor shares. “I also love producing music and started my own production company called Balcony Entertainment.”

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