Daymond John’s Greatest Shark Tales

1. Talbot Teas:

This brand was featured on the third season of Shark Tank and has since been sold to Jamba Juice. In addition, owner Shane Talbott is also working with the super juice company to further the line. Talbot Teas are now in Jamba Juice stores nationwide.

2. Power Decals:

This brand was on Shark Tank’s debut season. After a bit of tinkering, its prototype was modified and they partnered with a manufacturing company. Power Decals now has all major sports licenses and are sold at Best Buy’s throughout the country.

3. Cozy Bug:

The brand— which manufactures all things related to girls clothing— was on season four of the show. Today, Cozy Bug has a thriving retail business.

4. Cate App:

This app sells on Android and iPhone for $4.99— a 100% mark up. The product, often referred to as the cheaters app, erases calls and text messages.

4. Billy Blanks, Jr.:

This fitness guru is selling more than his moves post Shark Tank. He also has a line of major health products debuting.

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