David Justice Sounds Off on Halle Berry Divorce

Halle Berry’s former beau, David Justice has one message for all, “Leave his name out of the latest Halle headlines.”

When news of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez filing for divorce broke, like clockwork, articles and social media postings circulated trying to decode the “issue” with the actress maintaining a relationship.

Naturally, a rundown of her past love affairs uncoiled and in the middle of it all, fingers pointed at David Justice for being the root of her love-lorn troubles.

In a series of tweets, Justice, who married the award-winning actress in 1992, addressed rumors alluding to him being the abusive “famous-ex” during their four-year marriage.

According to US Weekly, the former pro baseball player hinted that Halle and her team conjured up drama following the couple’s split because she was mad.

Nevertheless, social media has become the go-to market for clearing your name and addressing public adversities. Though it’s a quick tool and attempt to save your reputation, the scrutiny never really dies.