Dave Chappelle Will Never Return To ‘Chappelle’s Show’: “That B—h Is Crazy. I’m Not Going Back!”

Dave Chappelle is done with Chapelle’s Show; it will forever remain an iconic relic of the past.

After quitting his critically acclaimed Comedy Central sketch series, and leaving $50 million dollars in the wind, legendary comedian Dave Chappelle is back on TV with three all-new stand-up specials that hit Netflix today. When Chappelle walked away from Chapelle’s Show and from the spotlight back in 2006, many fans assumed that he’d suffered a nervous breakdown. However, the comedian has maintained that his reasons for stepping away were personal.

Ahead of the release of his Netflix specials, Chappelle stopped by CBS This Morning to chat with Gayle King about leaving Chapelle’s Show and what’s next for him. He said, “I was in this very successful place, but the emotional content of it didn’t feel anything like what I imagined success should feel like. It just didn’t feel right.” Though he went on to say that he does, in fact, miss the series which gave us gems like Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories and the character Tyrone Biggums, Chappelle compared the show to a crazy ex-girlfriend.

He said, “Chappelle’s Show’s’ like breakin’ up with a girl and you still like her, but in your mind, you’re like, ‘That b—h is crazy. I’m not going back.’ He also spoke about feeling confined because of the restrictions of television networks. Thankfully, these are all things Dave Chappelle no longer has to concern himself with.

$60 million dollars richer, Dave Chappelle is back and better than ever over at Netflix. Free of network constraints, Chappelle has stated that he’s much happier now. He said, “I found an altitude I was comfortable with. I found a way that – to do what I liked to do and avoid some of the parts of it that I was uncomfortable with.”

With his new schedule, Chappelle has also found more time to spend with his family and honestly, what could be more important than that?

Dave Chapelle’s new Netflix specials are now streaming. Have you watched yet?\

Photo: Lester-Cohen