Daisy Lewellyn’s ‘Blood, Sweat & Heels’ Tell-All

Who hasn’t been watching Bravo’s latest hit series, Blood Sweat & Heels? The show, which features six savvy Sisters in New York City offers entertainment as well as insight on life on the hustle in the Big Apple. JET asks Daisy Lewellyn (above in red dress) to dish on some of her most memorable incidents this season and give us the scoop on how she feels about her city sisters.

On Crying on a Date:

I never cried on a date with a man I was in love with, so I’ve definitely never cried on a date from hell. I was like, “am I crying?” And I felt it, you know when your throat starts getting a little tight. It was a tough week, deadlines and people to please. In my work, I want everyone to be happy and I remember specifically that week there was a lot of push back, so when I got more push back from him I think it pushed me over the edge.

On Getting Dissed:

I didn’t like the way Demetria (Lucas) referenced the Brooklyn Brunch series on the post. It didn’t feel positive. It through me off because she’s been to the series before and everyone loves the Brooklyn Brunch Series. I feel like it’s an honor to be invited. So you came, saw fabulous people, enjoy the cupcakes and mimosas, only to not tell me anything at brunch, like oh, these topics are random or I feel uncomfortable, but then you write about it. I think it’s a little weird. Come on, girl.

On Her Career:

The umbrella is style expert and author. Under the umbrella I have a book, Never Pay Retail Again. It’s a shopping guide. I do a lot of makeovers, specifically on television. I also cover a lot of red carpet VIP events and Fashion Week. I have a wide range. I’m on television. I’m online. And I’m behind the scenes.

On Her Castmates:

Melyssa (Ford) was the only girl that I did not know. And from our first interaction I really liked her. I think at first people didn’t think we’d get a long because she’s a former video girl and I’m the “Christian” girl, but we actually became very close friends. I did not know anything about the financial strain she was under. A lot of times people look fabulous and live fabulous lifestyles, but don’t have the finances. That’s part of living in New York City.

Demetria and I have a lot of similarities. Both authors. Both worked at Essence. I loved her first book; I thought it was hilarious. I realized while shooting the show that we were friends, but on a professional level, we hung out at parties. I had never spent intimate time with her.  I was disappointed to see her energy and kindness was a little low toward me. I don’t know if it was something personal or something beyond. I’m all about reconciliation. I think there is something else that she has not shared with me because for some reason she’s just not very nice to me.

I realize that Geneva (S. Thomas) and I handle situations differently when discomfort is involved. I try to remain level headed without swearing. That didn’t seem to be her focus.

I love Mica (Hughes). People say she drinks a lot, but when you look around it’s during times when everyone has a drink in hand. As New Yorkers, we drink socially. Mica is a very open person; she’s very fun. That’s just who she is.

Brie (Bythewood) is cool. We’ve been friends for a while. I don’t really have much more to say. She’s a nice girl, but sometimes her decisions were a bit questionable to me.


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