Straight Outta Compton Snubbed by Oscars

Straight Outta Compton was one of the most successful films of 2015. The cast, promotional marketing and storyline were well-executed and according to box office sales, Hollywood had a reason to wear a jolly smile.

So, as the Oscar nominees were announced Thursday morning, why weren’t any of the film’s producers or cast members mentioned? Right.

Instead, the only nod went to the screenwriters, and you guessed it – the duo is comprised of a white man and white woman.

The film wasn’t even nominated in the “Best Films” category.

WhompWhompWhomp! The resurgence of #OscarsSoWhite is upon us.

Social media isn’t happy about this either. A few reactions can be found below:

If Straight Outta Compton’s screenplay was written by Black individuals, would this be a discussion right now?

Also, missing from the list are Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler for Creed, which wiped out the box office in success sales. Funny thing is that Slyvester Stallone made the list for “Best Supporting Actor.”

This just isn’t right.

The next move? People of color need to be in the writing room, handling all production aspects, and in front of the camera. We’re going to have to own every bit of the creative and business process. Make Black-owned projects. At that point, vision and greatness will become harder to deny…hopefully.

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