Judge Cancels Meek Mills Tour Due To Probation Violation

By// Brandon Byrd

A Philadelphia judge will keep Meek Mills dreaming about being on tour after finding that the rapper, also from Philly, is in violation of his probation, according to The Grio.  Meek Mills, real name Robert Williams, was convicted in 2008 of drug and gun possession and was recently found in violation of his set probation by not properly keeping in touch with his probation officer while on tour.

Judge Genece Brinkley blocked the performer from touring for a month, which cancels several dates on his tour.  Williams’ lawyer Greg Silver has stated they plan to fight the restriction, which is not allowing the rapper to earn a living.  Silver claims that due to Williams’ high public attention while on tour and his constant pictures taken by fans while on tour which show the rapper’s location, should not force the rapper to check in with his probation officer.  No word yet on any official appeals or definite canceled tour dates.  Meek Mills’ album Dreams & Nightmares was released in early October under fellow Warner Brother’s rapper Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group.