Countess Vaughn Previews ‘Hollywood Divas’

This week marks recovery for me and the girls are trying to replace me, since they don’t think I will be ready in time to shoot. I told them from the start that nothing will stop me. I arrive for the final shooting day and the girls’ seem surprised. But, shoot, I only have one more scene and it’s a wrap for me! Makeup, hair, jump into the bed and SCENE READY. One word: dedication.

The girls explained their side of the story about thinking I held resentment from not being labeled as a “producer” on the call sheet, but at the end of the day, this is about getting to work and finishing our project to share with the world. I am happy that the girls were thoughtful and rewrote the script on my behalf as they knew I would still be recovering from my lipo surgery. It shows their love for me and I appreciate it. Hopefully my performance shows the girls how committed I am and I mean business regardless of the circumstances.

Kurupt and Elise are the last scene to go and then the project is complete! Paula leaves to handle her own personal business without telling Elise and she doesn’t take that lightly. Elise packs her things up and heads out the door feeling disrespected by Paula. Allen and Moon talk Elise out of leaving and she heads back to set reluctantly. Turns out Paula went to the True Blood premiere for two hours then came back to finish the last scene with Kurupt and Elise.

The drama still continues after we wrap. We celebrate with a bonfire on the beach for finishing “The White Sistas” and the girls settle some unfinished business, while I reveal some heavy news from my past. Nonetheless…we made it. Cheers to that!

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