Countess Vaughn Previews ‘Hollywood Divas’

This week not only represents a turning point for our project, but also for myself as I get ready to go under for my lipo procedure. Needless to say, there is a lot riding on the coming days.

After so much prep time, the first day of shooting for “The White Sistas” is finally here. At first glance, everything is seemingly off to a good start. But something’s absent from the call sheet – my name listed as executive producer. Unfortunately, this is only the first of many missteps I’m afraid we may encounter along the way. I know it’s petty, but I understand how these girls are, and I want to show my dedication as my mission is to be there physically to play my part.

It’s starting to feel like everyone forgot they were given a specific title with a specific function. This film may never get finished if certain people keep overstepping the chain of command, but I am trying to remain positive.

While the rest of my fellow Divas are hard at work on our film, it’s time for me to head to the doctor. Happy to say my full-body lipo procedure goes well and I’m so thankful to have my girls by my side as I recover. My dear friend Shar Jackson even stops by the hospital to see how I’m doing. I know there’s some concerns of whether or not I will be able to recover in time to shoot my first scenes – even I’m concerned! But we started this as a team and I’m determined to finish it as a team! I certainly won’t stand for my scenes being pulled, or my character being recast.

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