Countess Vaughn Previews ‘Hollywood Divas’

This week’s episode is all about an eye for an eye…and it’s threatening to make the divas blind!

In our production meeting, beef starts over an Instagram picture that Elise posted. One of my fellow divas is particularly hurt by the photo and those feelings sour the whole meeting. Is it so much to ask to just get this show on the road without all the nonsense?

Too add to the drama, I also have my full-body lipo surgery coming up and of course the ladies are worried about me. Although I understand their concerns, I feel the procedure is necessary for me to achieve my goal of becoming a new and empowered Countess! Regardless, I won’t let anything get in the way of my participation in this project. It’s all about being a team player and the last thing I want is for anyone to feel like this will hinder my career in any way.

This week, I take Golden to my pastor friend Nisan’s church to check it out for one of the scenes. It was so lovely! You could smell the chicken frying downstairs and the deacon’s sweat. Golden and I had some fun playing the part of the pastor, but when Nisan comes to meet us Golden starts trying to flirt! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but seriously?! I felt it was inappropriate being that he’s a married man. On top of that, you shouldn’t have to use your sexuality to get what you want in a professional setting.

Later on we have a table read. The mood is high and the first run through goes well. However, Paula puts the breaks on that when she announces that she may have a scheduling conflict that will keep her from showing up to direct. I don’t want to hear any excuses from her, because hello, I have full-body lipo on the horizon and I still plan on showing up after! Unfortunately, that’s only the beginning of Paula’s drama this week. It’s a good thing I’m not afraid to tell my divas what’s up. Yes, Paula should be more concerned with the ripple effect of her actions, but it also scares me to think that everyone else feels excluding Paula from the project is the best solution. We started this project together and I’m going to make sure we finish it together.

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