This week’s episode is all about forgiveness and redemption.

Admitting to Elise that I suffer from stage fright opened up a whole well of emotions in me that I finally decided it was time to see a therapist. I’ll be exposing myself to viewers with a lot of emotions and secrets I’ve kept hidden since I was a teenager. Some are quite shocking, that even my parents didn’t know about until just recently. With the help of Dr. Cauley, I come to some pretty intense revelations about myself and the reasons behind my constant battle with low self esteem. Viewers will no doubt be shocked to learn that my self-image is so damaged I haven’t left my house in five years. Yes, some of it can be blamed on my being embarrassed about my appearance after losing my hair to a third-degree burn from the glue from a lace-front wig. But some of it goes much further back. When I was eight-years-old I overheard a fellow cast mate describe me as fat and ugly and I’ve never been able to get those words out of my head. Hopefully, with the help of Dr. Cauley, I’ll be able to put all that behind me and embrace a better me. It’s time the world saw a new and empowered Countess!

Paula had some revelations of her own this week when she brought her husband and mother together for  what she hoped would be a truce. Instead, some pretty ugly words are exchanged that even shocked Paula.

And, we got some surprising news from Paula, who announced that she scrapped the five witches theme for our movie. Instead, she went behind our backs and wrote a “sistas” movie – with Golden playing a crack head! You can only imagine how well that went over with Miss Sarah Lawrence! In Golden’s defense, may we remind Paula that this is a collaboration, not the ”Paula Show?”


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