Countess Vaughn Previews ‘Hollywood Divas’

Everyone has something to complain about this week. We all signed on to this project together, but I hope we don’t end up killing each other before we’re all through!

There’s a lot of residual resentment hanging over the group from last week. Everyone wants to know why Elise didn’t attend our brainstorming meeting. She insists she didn’t know about it and was at an audition with HBO at the same time. But Paula won’t let it go and accuses her of not being a team player. She brings up stuff that happened between the two of them years ago, which Elise can’t understand, including the crazy idea that Paula founded Elise’s dance group.

Lisa is annoyed at Golden for continuing to discredit her acting ability. Wait until Golden finds out that Lisa may have gotten the part of her life. That’s not going to sit well, especially after the news that Golden gets from her agent this week. Well, there’s still that HBO part you’ve been asked to submit a tape for, which sounds like a better project anyway.

I’m still annoyed at Golden myself this week. She definitely overstepped her boundaries when she told me not to get liposuction. Enough girl, I’m not your project! It’s nice that Lisa understands. We bond at the gym and take all our frustrations about Golden out in the boxing ring. With each punch, we both feel a little better. I confide in her about seeing a therapist. It’s her job to fix me, not any of yours. I’m here as a friend and business partner, not anyone’s case study. If you want a nip and tuck, Lisa says, then get a nip and tuck. I’m beginning to like this girl!

After being homeless for four months, Paula moves into a new home. But old wounds resurface when her mother starts criticizing her husband again. Paula’s mother brings up an interesting question: what good is the art of acting if you’re not getting paid for it? It certainly puts pressure on all of us to see that Paula’s project gets off the ground.

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