Up Next: Cooley High Gets The Remake Treatment

The reign of the remakes is not letting up anytime soon, and up next on the list is the classic Cooley High, which originally starred Glynn Turman and Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs.

The film celebrated its 40th anniversary last year and during a Chicago visit to celebrate, JET spoke with the fellas to get there thoughts on the film’s legacy and how it helped shaped the way Black people’s stories were told.

Now, a modern-day Cooley High is in the works. In partnership with MGM, film executive DeVon Franklin, Common and Tony Krantz, the team will take on the 1975 cult-classic as producers and Seth Rosenfeld will write the script.

Set in 1960s Chicago, Cooley High centered on a group of friends with their eyes set on making it out of the South Side. With its layered nature, complex friendships and relatable storytelling, the film contributed to the wave of change in Black filmmaking as it made its exit from the Blaxploitation era.

As of now, the direction of the reboot is still under wraps, and we’re looking forward to further developments.

But, while we’re waiting, who would you cast in the Cooley High remake? Share your picks in the comment section below!