Common Lands New Film Role

Common continues to navigate Hollywood through music, social activism and film.

He’s already scored a spot in the heavily anticipated Suicide Squad alongside Will Smith. Now, continuing on a villainous streak, the Oscar-award winning artist will star alongside Keanu Reeves in the John Wick sequel.

The film picks up from it’s 2014 prequel, which follows the story of a former hit man who reverts to his criminal ways to seek vengeance against the thugs who beat him and killed his dog, a sentimental gift given to him by his wife before she passed.

Common takes on the role as “head of security for a female crime lord,” reports The Hollywood Reporter.

In addition to Suicide Squad and a series project with content creator Lena Waithe, Com joins Nick Cannon and Jennifer Hudson in Spike Lee’s controversial film, Chiraq.

The grind is definitely real.