Steve Harvey Interviews Paula Deen

This could get ugly.

In efforts to resuscitate her career, former Food Network personality Paula Deen is heading to The Steve Harvey Show for a no-holds-barred conversation.

The episode is scheduled to air Thursday, October 2 and Deen is expected to address the racially offensive comments that caused her lengthy career to crash and burn almost overnight. With her sons by her side, lessons learned, forgiveness and second chances will also be discussed.

Now, this could either steam up Harvey’s ratings or cause a lash-out among Harvey’s loyal supporters. In a press release about the episode, the talk show host stated he wanted to hear Deen’s side of the story: “I wanted to see if there was any redemption.”

Paula Deen had a strong fan base across diverse cultures – Black and White. But as quickly as an audience can buy into your brand, they can turn against you even quicker. Deen experienced all of that, and rightfully so.

In another clip, Deen expressed that this has been “a year of reflection. Probably one of the most valuable years of my life. Words are powerful even if they are old words. Once you ring that bell, you can’t un-ring it.”

She added, “You should think before you just spout.”

Um, ya think! And it took you how long to learn that?! #SMH

Deen has tried to clear up her image before, to no avail. Perhaps this time around will offer a sincere and genuine conversation as it will be sans a journalist and with, as Steve described himself, “I’m just a guy that just happens to have a platform of a TV show.”

The Steve Harvey Show airs Thursday, October 2 on NBC at 2pm CT. Will you be watching?