Coming Soon: L.A. Riots Film

April 1992 shook the world and revolutionized the way Black people responded to police brutality and racial injustice.

The streets of Los Angeles, California became flooded with debris, broken glass from the windows of various businesses, looters and fires spreading the streets.

Black people were furious and the result was tumultuous uproar.

The root of the civil rebellion: The near-fatal beating of motorist Rodney King, Jr. on April 29 and the acquittal of the four LAPD officers responsible for the ruthless attack.

Now, in partnership with Imagine Entertainment, Broad Green Pictures will produce and distribute an untitled film about the infamous L.A. Riots.

Academy Award-winning writer, John Ridley will direct the film based off of his original screenplay with Brian Grazer serving as producer, who is an Academy Award winner as well.

The story, set to begin principal photography in Spring 2016, will resurface through the eyes of several key figures involved in the rising of the riots and the actions that fueled it.

“This is a seminal event in our country’s history, the reverberations of which are still far too relevant today,” Broad Green Pictures founders, CEO Gabriel Hammond and Chief Creative Officer Daniel Hammond, said in a media release sent to JET.

They continued, “We were blown away by John’s amazing screenplay and we know that under his direction and the aegis of Imagine the film will be truly incredible. This is why we started this company. To make movies like this.”