Coming Soon: Black Girls Rock! Africa

Beverly Bond launched a brain baby with the creation of the celebratory “BLACK GIRLS ROCK!” model, which illuminates women making significant strides across various mediums ranging from entertainment to science, entrepreneurship and humanitarian achievements.

The platform has grown into a uniting moniker among women and the men who support them.

Now, in an effort to extend the movement, Bond has partnered with BET Experience Africa and announced that she will expand her vision to Africa!

The news broke during a conversation at the 2015 BETX Africa “Genius Talks” event, where she discussed the importance of movements such as “BLACK GIRLS ROCK!” and their belief in shaping as well as honoring girl and women leaders.

“‘BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Africa’ will tap into our growing international market by illuminating the vibrant cultures and variant narratives of our African sisters who are (s)heroes and trailblazers,” Bond stated during the event.

As the logistics are developing, Bond is working with community-based organizations to kick off outreach initiatives in Africa.

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