Columbus Short Returns to Small Screen

You can call it a comeback!

The year 2014 was full of turmoil and controversy for once-upon a time Scandal ‘Gladiator’ Columbus Short but it seems some in Hollywood are ready to open their arms and give the actor another chance.

If you’re thinking a surprise return to ‘Shondaland’ in any capacity, yeah…uh, think again. He won’t be securing Liv’s safety or decoding the strategies and moves of B613 anytime soon.

However, Columbus isn’t straying too far from the political realm in TV One’s Fear Files horror film franchise where he stars as City Councilman Harvey Jordan, a politician determined to build a football stadium in a low-income community.

In the film, there is a bit of scandal play when a fire breaks, leaving the last opponent to his community activism plan dead, causing residents to question if Jordan planned the murder. To keep his name clear of media attention and headlines, he charms reporter Kelisia Waters, played by Erica Hubbard.

TV One’s Fear Files Trilogy premieres March 13 at 8pm.

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