‘Cloud Atlas’ Dissapoints at the Box Office

By// Chandler Rollins

Cloud Atlas bombed at the box office this weekend, raking in only $9.4 million dollars in theaters ($1.6 million less than Tyler Perry’s Alex Cross). The poor performance of Cloud Atlas earned the film third place, behind the children’s animation movie Hotel Transylvania and Ben Affleck’s blockbuster Argo, which has held on to number one spot for the past three weekends.

The film fared well among the majority of movie goers scoring above average ratings (8.3 percent), but was rated harshly by film critics, who gave it 5.5 out of ten. The mixed reviews could have contributed to the flop.

The three hour film based on the award-winning novel Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell was set to spark the careers of both Halle Berry and Hugh Grant, who have both suffered from a series of movie duds in recent years.