Clothes Minded: More”Scandal” Collection

Just in case you didn’t get enough of Olivia last night, good news:

The Limited is back with an all-new Scandal collection!

Kerry Washington, who plays lead character Madame Pope, has again teamed up with fashion designers from both the hit ABC series and retail company to roll out a spring line.

“What’s most exciting about the spring collection is that we were inspired by the fans’ reactions to the line,” Washington told HuffPost Style. “We were constantly discussing the responses we saw on social media about what people were loving and gravitating towards. That direct fan and consumer response really informed the new pieces of the spring collection.”

This time, fans can expect more sleek power suits, outerwear and separates inspired by the insanely fashionable fixer. But the crisis manager isn’t the only fashionista on the show. Her colleagues Mellie, Abby and Quinn are stylish in their own right, and now there are looks that reflect those characters as well!

Who do you most identify with? Do you exude poise like Olivia, class like Mellie, sophistication like Abby or edge like Quinn. Take our poll!