Clip Tease: WE tv’s Money. Power. Respect.

As Lil’ Kim rhymed in the 90s Lox classic, Money, Power, Respect:

First you get the money/Then you get the muthaf—-in’ power/After you get the f—-n’ power, [people] will respect you”

In between the expletives, however, is a legit goal. And it’s one that the ladies of WE tv’s upcoming reality series, Money. Power. Respect. are demanding as their visions broaden in the entertainment industry.

The latest docuseries centers on six female entertainment attorney’s who unite in the Big Apple to fight for their shine. But of course, the road meets bumps along the way as the ladies’ personal lives begin to effect business.

Meet the women of Money. Power. Respect:

Counsel Kelly Shapiro ditches her boyfriend in LA while and reaches out to her good friend and attorney Nakia Thomas to elevate her passion for fashion.

Trial attorney Dana Whitfield and husband Lord Jamar, are at odds when Dana decides to transition to artist management.

Entertainment attorney Tiffany Ballard hops onboard with Dana to scout for new artists.

Entertainment attorney Wendy Credle hustles to get her son to the top of his collegiate career as she struggles to pay for a prestigious college.

Intellectual property attorney Kendell Kelly is shocked to her core when she receives a mysterious phone call from a woman claiming that she has been having an affair with her live-in boyfriend!

So…yeeah, there’s a lot happening as these legal bosses fight to stay on top of their game and build business.

In the debut episode, Dana is in a tight situation as she questions her significant other’s reaction to her wanting to take her career in a new direction.

Watch the exchange in the clip tease below:

If your significant other tried to discourage you from branching out and expanding your career goals, is it an ultimate deal breaker or worth an in-depth conversation so that the both of you can share perspectives and reach a common ground?

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WE tv’s “Money. Power. Respect.” Premieres Oct 13 at 10pm ET/PT