Clip: Steve Harvey on ‘Black Lives Matter’

In early September, former The View co-host turned FOX News correspondent, Elisabeth Hasselbeck labeled the Black Lives Matter movement as a hate group, furthering claims that the movement sparked an increase of violence against police.

Of course, JET was all over that.

Her comments, whether to stir controversy or stated with the intent to share her true perspective, is now the focus of an upcoming episode of the Steve Harvey Show.

Joined by Sirius XM advice columnist Kim Gravel, Shirley Strawberry, co-host of Steve’s morning radio show, and former Jersey Shore cast members Snookie and J-Woww, Steve will tackle the controversy stirred by Hasselbeck’s comments as it relates to #BLM, in addition to comedian Nicole Arbour’s “fat shaming video.”

Get EBONY‘s take on the latter, here.

Watch a clip tease of Steve’s Panel below:

Catch the full episode Tuesday, October 6. The Steve Harvey Show airs weekdays. Visit for local listings.