The Click: My Funny Valentine Edition

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Welcome to The Click, where we curate the very best of Black entertainment on the InterWebs including digital series, vines and vlogs. Come back every Thursday and catch up on the who’s who and what’s what of alternative entertainment, as guided by writer, producer and web series creator Kozi Kyles of Myth Lab Entertainment.  Think you’ve got a hot project? Find Kozi and tell her about it via @mythlabent.  You can also send a message to

Whether you’re spending this Valentine’s Day drunk in love or soberly single, The Click gives you the scoop on Web series that are sure to get you in the holiday mood no matter your relationship status.  Check out these five “My Funny Valentine” recommendations below.  (Heads up: Some of these clips tread upon NSFW territory.)

1. The Girl Who’s Never Been on a Nice Date

Relationship Status: Haven’t been out much, huh?

Comedienne/actress Quinta B has been splitting sides with her popular Instagram series “The Girl Who’s Never Been on a Nice Date” and now you can catch all the funny escapades on her YouTube channel.  Imported chocolates, long-stemmed roses, reservations at a Michelin star restaurant… whatever extravagant evening your man has planned, take a lesson from this series and please resist the urge to shout out, “He Got Money!”

2. Love Handles

Relationship Status:  Don’t let a bad breakup break you down…

If a bad breakup has you wanting a fresh start on Valentine’s Day, burn some sage and report to your computer screen to watch the comedy web series “Love Handles.”  The show, created by Carlton Jordan and Crystle C. Roberson, centers around Leeza, a woman who’s been dumped by her boyfriend after gaining too much weight in the relationship. Yep, he tried that.   With the help of her friends, she enters the world of health and fitness to get her mind right and body tight.  You can check out the first installment here.  Sistas gonna work it out!


3.  Brothers with No Game

Relationship Status:  In the friend zone (on purpose)

If you’d rather spend Valentine’s Day with friends, might we suggest that you kick back and marathon watch the first two seasons of the award-winning UK web series and blog.  It’s a cult favorite and I’d argue required watching for wingmen and wingwomen everywhere.   The series, both hilarious and touching, follows the social and romantic lives of four friends: Theo, Dorian, Junior and Marcus who counsel each other through the ups and downs of dating, relationships, work and self-improvement.

4. Hello Cupid

Relationship Status:  Wookin pa nub on the Internet

If the very thought of Valentine’s Day has inspired you to renew that Black People Meet membership, the Hello Cupid series might be right for you.   Join best friends Whitney and Robyn as they navigate the world of online dating.  If you aren’t caught up on Black & Sexy TV’s popular series, don’t worry, you’ve got time to binge watch Season 1 and then catch the premiere of Season 2 on Valentine’s Day at

5. Mr./Ms. Right:

Relationship Status:  Keep hope alive

If you’re keeping the faith that your true love is still out there, check out this offering from award-winning producer Tracey Edmonds’s Alright TV YouTube channel.  The interactive series, “Mr./Ms. Right”  follows comedians DeRay Davis and Taryn Southern on a series of cringe-worthy blind dates as they search for their soul mates and features cameos from top YouTube stars such as Glozell, Dormtainment, and even Tay Zonday.  But the best part is you get to control how these wacky dates end with the click of a button.

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Kozi Kyles is a Chicago-based content creator and senior-level marketing executive who co-founded Myth Lab Entertainment.  Among her buzzworthy projects is the Video Vixen series, a send-up of African American female stereotypes in the media, and she is the mastermind behind “Human Resources,” an award-winning Webisode series featuring comic Lil Rel.  Subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her via Twitter at @mythlabent