Ciara & Future Together Again

Relationships are roller coasters. Add babies to the mix and if shaky grounds are upon you, the situation becomes more complicated.

When there is no act right, do you split and take a breather or work through to build a healthy household for your child(ren)?


The best practice: follow your heart and listen to your core.

After reports of Future’s infidelity, Ciara giving birth to their 4-month old son, Future Zahir and then calling off the engagement shortly after, the certainty of her ever-after was sketchy.

Even with skeptical eyes, fans were rooting for Ciara’s happiness and Future’s faithfulness. That failed…but only briefly. Ciara has always mentioned her admiration for her parents’ 30-year marriage and, according to TMZ, she wants the relationship to work out for the sake of baby Future. The couple is living together once again. There is no word on the state of their wedding engagement.

The singer/dancer tweeted this message to her followers:

Do you allow “that #youngpass” in your relationship? Nevertheless, we wish them the best.