Ciara, Future and Dueling Lawsuits

Ciara with her ex-fiancee, Future.

Are you #TeamCiara or #TeamFutureHive?

It’s difficult to discern Billboard’s position as they just snagged the newly-engaged songstress as a first time co-host for the 2016 Billboard Awards coming up this May. (She’s hosting alongside Luda.) At the same time, her ex, Future, snagged an awards nomination that Ciara seemingly refused to utter while reading off the list of nominees a few days ago.

Future is up for two awards: top rap artist and top rap album (with Drake on “What A Time to Be Alive.”)

Meanwhile, Ciara is suing Future for defamation and on Wednesday, we learned that Future is countersuing Ciara, saying that her fan base isn’t that huge, so how could he have impacted her persona in the first place.

Ouches all around. We just hope they get this together for the baby.